Stephanie Collins

Stephanie is a speaker, model and author who was looking to focus on speaking engagements in order to impact the leaders of the future. AÉC took to design an classic but elegant brand in order to establish a visual reflective in her collateral and online presence. 

Tanessa Brown, LCPC

Tanessa is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, specializing in working with millenial women healing from trauma. 

AÉC worked on her branding and web design. 

Ayla Tran

Ayla is a certified personal trainer who developed a home training program, #TranHomeTraining, in order to give her clients a space to keep going on their health journey and give a sense of consistency during the pandemic. As her clients shared with friends, the regimen grew into a full blown program, and app that converted and expanded her business. 

Oheema Organics

Oheema Organics is a skin and haircare brand focusing on using natural products such as shea, aloe, coconut oils and others to enrich their customer’s raw beauty.

Oheema means “queen” in Akan/Twi, and since the product ingredients are locally sourced, they were looking to keep the intuitive earthy tones, a minimalistic design with a symbol that speaks to the original of the company.

Her Reintroduction

KC Women hosts a women’s conference every year, but due to national restrictions on large gatherings, their first in-person conference would be in 2022.
The theme of the conference, “Her Re-Introduction” is an affirmation that due to the global shifts that have taken place, a new world has resulted as well as new women. As they come together, they look to present who they’ve become to God and to each other; finding resolve in a new normal and the consistency of the character of God.


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