How to Make Money in Your Business

Gloria Owusu

Hey, I'm Gloria. I'm a designer, author, teacher and brand consultant. I help women build their business through websites that sell and teach them everything they need to know about branding, marketing and messaging.
Published: December 09, 2021

The best way to make money in your business is to stop talking about things that don’t matter to your customer. Show them that you are the first choice by giving them what they want. Let’s talk about more in this post.

The first way to become the first choice for your customer is to stop a few things…

  • Stop being vague
  • Stop being general
  • Stop rambling about your business being the best
  • Stop overselling in your branding, messaging, emails, and website.

For example,
No airline rambles on and on about the features of a Boeing 787 vs. a 747. How does that info help them get to Tulum for their honeymoon, or to Qatar for their business meeting?

Airlines talk about them either being the cheapest, fastest, far-reaching, the most comfortable or the most luxurious; depending on who their customer and what their needs are. They speak the language of the desire of their customer.

If you want to lose your customer, make them work hard to understand why your business should be their first choice. 👀

No one wants to work hard trying to find a solution. Human beings like ease. Especially being bombarded with so much information and choices, your customer wants the information they need to make a decision quick.

In other words, being specific always wins! The key is to providing ease is clarity. Be clear on who you want to help, and create a journey that they want to include themselves in.

People want to:

  • Stop wasting time
  • Lose weight
  • Look and feel beautiful
  • Be mentally healthy
  • Be financially stable
  • Save money
  • Serve others
  • Be a part of a healthy community or tribe
  • Have an amazing, loving relationship
  • Establish their influence
  • Understand something they don’t already know

If your business helps your customer do any of these things, and they realize you’re helping them get to where they want to go, they’ll come on board. Building a brand and business that tells the story of how you can help them get to their intended destination is key to gaining customers. That’s where your messaging, marketing, branding and online presence comes in.

They may not remember exactly what you say, but when you’re clear, they’ll know when it relates to them. Then, when you call them to action, they’ll be ready to buy.


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