Why Branding & Marketing Go Hand in Hand

Gloria Owusu

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Published: September 21, 2021

One of the biggest problems business owners have in branding their business is having the right words to describe your business to the everyday person.

Because you don’t know what to say, you end up using all these words in order to seem convincing to *someone*… anyone. It fails every single time.

Remember: The term ‘brand’ was originally referencing a rod that had an image of a letter or a symbol at the end. The image was heated (or frozen with nitrogen) and then pressed onto an animal’s skin to identify it with its owner. The whole point of your brand is to make it and then market it in a way that there are relatable pictures and words that make a customer curious about what the experience of your offer looks like.

When I say “Golden Arches”, the image that comes to you is McDonald’s. You think of your last meal (or not) and the last experience you had there. On the other hand, they market their products in a way that taps into your hunger, which prompts you to want an experience of tasting their food and eating there.

When you think of McDonalds, yes, the logo may come to mind, but you relive the experience. The hot fries, the cold McFlurry… the broken ice cream machine. The logo, colors, etc are merely reference points.

The biggest weapon in a strong brand is not the logo but their words. Their tone of voice and the way they talk to you as a customer. Strong brands know how to choose them carefully. That’s why your brand can “look” amazing and not be enough because your copy doesn’t address who its supposed to.

So… that’s the key. Stop talking so much *at* your customer, with industry jargon and words that don’t help them understand how you can help them.

Talk to them. Be clear about why your business is essential in their lives. It’s not as complicated or as nuanced as we make it. You don’t need to be cute or clever, either. Be straightforward so it can sear the mind of your audience. They won’t be able to forget it if they tried.

A brand is an irresistible, replaying image in a customer’s mind that pushes them to want to have an experience, and after having a positive experience, sets a new standard in their lives. A brand is not a logo. A brand is an experience that sets a standard in your customer’s life. Marketing is how you let them know about the experience. Branding is what you use to set the tone of the experience.

A brand is an experience that sets the standard in your customer’s life. Marketing is how you let them know about that experience.

Gloria Owusu

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